5 Root Canal Myths Debunked

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Have you been told you need a root canal? If you are deeply afraid or reconsidering the procedure, you are likely believing some common myths about root canal therapy. Unfortunately, many patients have been led astray and misinformed when it comes to this endodontic treatment. In fact, the mere mention of the words “root canal” causes a lot of patients to wince in fear.

In order to help patients feel more comfortable and confident in their treatment plan, we’d like to debunk these top five root canal myths:

Myth #1: You only need a root canal if you are in pain.
Root canal therapy is designed to save a dying tooth. While the majority of cases involve significant tooth pain, it is possible that your tooth is no longer uncomfortable because the inner portion has already died. This doesn’t dismiss you from needing a root canal.

Myth #2: Root canal treatment is painful.
With the today’s advanced dental technology, as well as local anesthetics and sedation dentistry, having a root canal feels no more uncomfortable than getting a dental filling. In actuality, a root canal is likely the only procedure that will relieve your tooth pain associated with progressive infection and destructive decay at the root of the tooth.

Myth #3: Root canals cause illness.
While this myth was debunked years ago, there is still evidence of this misconception on the Internet. In the 1920s, Dr. Weston A. Price distributed results of a study to promote tooth extractions. However, there is no valid scientific evidence supporting Dr. Price’s research to date. Root canals are very safe and highly effective. They eliminate harmful bacteria from teeth, which improves (not harms) your health.

Myth #4: The benefits of root canal therapy are temporary.
Root canal therapy is a permanent fix, not a temporary one. Most root canal procedures are followed with a crown or other restoration. Taking care of your dental crown and maintaining good oral hygiene is more influential in preserving the lifespan of the affected tooth.

Myth #5: Tooth extraction is a better and cheaper alternative root canal therapy.
In all cases, it is better to save a natural tooth than to remove one. While you may think that just extracting the infected tooth is more cost efficient and easier, you are sadly mistaken. Missing teeth must be replaced in order to save you from shifting adjacent teeth, bone loss in the jaw and other disturbances. At this point, you’d need a dental implant or bridge, which is far more expensive and complicated than getting a root canal.

For more facts on root canal therapy, call Basin Dentistry. We are committed to keeping patients informed at every step of their dental care process. When it comes to root canal therapy, we promise to create a comfortable and rewarding experience.

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