What Causes Your Breath to Smell Bad?

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Having bad breath can cause a lot of embarrassment and anxiety to a person. It can significantly affect several aspects of their life and even impact the relationship they have with other people. Thankfully, patients won’t have to worry anymore because there are lots of products intended to fight the unpleasant bad breath like mouthwashes, mints, gums, and many more.

However, some of these products do not directly address the cause of the problems, and may only serve as temporary measures. The good news is, by scheduling an appointment with us at Basin Dentistry, our dental professionals can determine the cause of the condition then provide the necessary treatments.

bad breath

Halitosis or commonly known as bad breath is a common problem that can be experienced by anyone. This problem is not something that one must ignore because it can be a symptom of an underlying health problem. That is why it is essential to know the several potential causes of halitosis for us to be aware of. To know more about the condition, here is a list of factors that can lead to an unpleasant odor.

What Causes Bad Breath?


Certain foods consumed may contribute to bad breath. The breakdown of food particles that get stuck in the teeth and certain areas of the mouth can increase the development of bacteria and may cause a foul odor. Some foods, such as onions, garlic, and spices, can cause the breath to smell bad. After digesting these foods, they enter the bloodstream, and they are carried to the lungs—affecting one’s breath.

Poor oral hygiene

Brushing and flossing daily should always be practiced so that food particles clinging in the mouth will be removed. If this is not observed, a colorless, sticky film of bacteria called plaque will form in the teeth and cause foul-smelling breath. Failure to remove the said substance may cause the gums to irritate and will eventually progress into periodontitis. The tongue also can trap bacteria that produce odors. Ill-fitting dentures can harbor odor-causing bacteria and food particles, as well.

Smoking and tobacco products

Smoking causes the mouth to smell bad. Besides, they are also at risk of developing gum disease, which is another source of bad breath.

Infections in the mouth

Surgical wounds acquired after a tooth extraction or as a result of tooth decay, gum disease, or mouth sores can cause the mouth to produce foul-smelling odor.

Dry mouth

Saliva is essential because it helps to cleanse the mouth by flushing out particles that cause bad odor. The condition wherein there is a decrease in saliva production is known as dry mouth or xerostomia, which contributes to bad breath.


There are medications that can indirectly produce bad breath by contributing to dry mouth. Others can produce odors as they breakdown and release chemicals in one’s breath.


Certain diseases like cancer and metabolic disorders can lead to a foul-smelling breath as a result of the chemicals they produce. Sometimes, bad breath can be a sign of larger health problems such as sinus infection, liver or kidney disease, gastrointestinal problems, diabetes, and more.

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