Adolescent Dentistry: Caring for Teenage Teeth

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As children grow into teens, they undergo several changes throughout all aspects of their life. Their body goes through dramatic changes, and before you know it, they’re one head taller than they were last year! While they develop, they get interested in various activities, and they get interested in things they wouldn’t even bother with as kids. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recognizes and acknowledges the different dental needs of adolescents. Their unique needs must be addressed, and general recommendations for their management must be proposed. 

teenage dental care

Here are some factors to look out for in order to care for adolescent teeth: 

  • A teen’s dietary habits must be managed. Majority of teenagers are subject to eating high amounts of refined carbohydrates and beverages containing acid. Analyzing a teen’s dietary habits and modifying these habits into something healthier will bring significant benefits. Regular dental visits will bring professionally determined recommendations to educate teens and their parents about dental health management.
  • Teenagers have a higher risk of developing gingivitis and periodontal disease. The rising sex hormones during a teen’s puberty phase is suspected to be the cause of heightened risk. Studies suggest that the increase in these hormones disrupts the natural state of the gums. While in some studies, it is indicated that these hormones alter the permeability of capillaries, making them susceptible to accumulating fluids leading to swelling.
  • During adolescence, experiencing injuries at sporting activities contributing to dental and facial injuries are common. These injuries are commonly caused by falling, colliding into something, and coming into contact with hard surfaces. A consultation with a dentist to get educated on protective measures can help prevent these injuries.
  • Adolescence may be a phase of developing dental caries for a majority of people. We at Basin Dentistry educate teens on the positive effects that fluoride brings to their teeth and the benefits of regular professional care as personal hygiene can lessen the appearance of dental caries in the adolescent population.

Adolescence is a time of self-discovery, habit formation, and learning. This is the phase where the child has developed and can start making decisions about what habits they are willing to keep or stop practicing. Proper guidance and education will help them grow into healthy adults with bright smiles!

Be at ease with your teen’s dental health. Here at Basin Dentistry, we offer Adolescent Dentistry services in Andrews, TX for we recognize the special and unique needs of teens. You can find us at 1321 N. Main St. Andrews, TX 79714.