Caring for Baby’s Teeth in Midland, TX: Do’s and Don’ts

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What most parents do not realize is the importance of infant oral care. Although they do not have any teeth yet, they still have their other oral structures to care for. Believe it or not, the primary teeth started forming long before a child is born. That is why hygiene practices should already be observed even before one tooth begins to erupt. Ignoring this can lead to complications that can affect not only the primaries but the permanent teeth as well.

At Basin Dentistry, we understand that every parent wants what is best for their children. So, to help them fulfill this goal, we prepared some tips to follow for the oral health care of their young ones. Read on!



Clean their mouth gently

Since they have no teeth yet, avoid using a toothbrush, it will only cause their gums to bleed.  Instead, use a soft, damp cloth and gently massage the gums in a circular motion.

Brush twice daily

With or without teeth, everyone is advised to clean their mouth twice every day for at least two minutes. It is best done after waking up in the morning to eliminate overnight accumulations and before night time to get rid of build ups during the day.

Encourage a healthy diet

Cut back on providing them with sweet or starchy treats. Instead, give them healthy foods that can give their body an adequate amount of nutrition for growth while also keeping their oral structures in shape.

Assist with their teething

Young ones have the habit of placing anything they can touch inside their mouths. The problem goes double when the teeth come in. They will bite on anything to alleviate the discomfort it causes. Help them by rubbing their gums with a clean cloth or by buying them toys that double as a cleaner.



  • Putting them to bed with a bottle of formula or fruit juices.
  • Letting them continue their thumbsucking or pacifier habits at the age of 2-3 years old.
  • Thinking that the primary teeth do not deserve some care since they will fall out anyway.
  • Allowing them to consume too much artificial and natural flavored juices.

Aside from this easy home care tips, we also encourage every parent to never let their child skip a dental visit that is scheduled every six months. Doing so will maximize all their efforts at home in ensuring the excellent shape of their children’s adorable smiles.


Children deserve outstanding dental care services like any other adult! To achieve and keep their oral health in shape, we provide Pediatric Dentistry services in Midland, TX! Our service includes adolescent dentistry, early infant oral care, and preventive dentistry. Book their appointment with us at Basin Dentistry.