Common Concerns About Dentures and Tips to Counter Them in Midland, TX

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With dentures, patients will not just restore their lost smiles. The teeth replacement also gain back the functions of the person—from letting them chew foods easily to improving their speaking abilities. However, since dentures are not permanent unlike dental implants, they tend to create issues in the mouth. These concerns, nevertheless, are easily countered through certain tips. Our practice at Basin Dentistry will help you have a pleasant experience with dentures.

FAQs About Dentures

What is the best thing to do with loose bottom dentures?

Between upper and lower dentures, the latter is usually prone to loosening. The shape of the gums on the lower part of the mouth is the primary reason why this irregularity occurs. The best way to avoid loose dentures is by getting dental implants. The said dental restoration stabilizes any prostheses may it be dentures or crowns. Implants keep the artificial teeth in place so they won’t move when eating or speaking.

How to brush dentures appropriately?

Dentures need to be brushed daily for them to stay clean. When brushing, however, it is not ideal to use toothpaste for the teeth replacement. This oral care product may have properties that are abrasive enough for dentures. It can create scratches to the dental restoration which is not pleasing to look at. Instead of using toothpaste, we recommend the use of mild dishwashing soap and a brush specifically made for dentures.

How to keep dentures stain-free?

Whitening the restorative device is not possible; however, anyone can keep their dentures stain-free with these tips:

  • Brush dentures regularly. Using gentle pressures, cover the outer and inner surfaces of the teeth replacement.
  • Consider using products that can help remove denture stains. There’s plenty of over the counter denture cleansers to try—or better yet, ask the dental professional for recommendations.

What to do if the back portion of dentures dislodges when eating?

Wobbly dentures are the common concern of every denture-wearers. Luckily, adhesives are there to keep the restorative appliance intact. You can also opt for dental implants if you find denture glue inconvenient.

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