Common Questions About Teeth Cleaning – Answered! – Andrews, TX

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Sometimes, people underestimate the potential of professional teeth cleaning. They assume that the procedure is merely similar to the regular oral care routine done at home. For most people, visiting the dentist for teeth cleaning is just a waste of time and money. But the truth is, the treatment offers a lot of benefits to the overall oral health of a person. Here are frequently asked questions about teeth cleaning to help you evaluate the procedure more:

How do teeth cleaning prevent gum disease?

During the procedure, the dental hygienist will ensure that the mouth is free from the culprits of periodontal disease: plaque and tartar. Typically, when these particles are present in the teeth, along with the harmful bacterias, gum inflammation arise. If the person continues to neglect professional teeth cleaning, complications like receding gums might occur, allowing pockets at the gum line to form. And once bacteria started to spread in these areas, soreness, bleeding gums, and bad breath take place. Indeed, routine cleaning is the key to safeguard the smile against any form of oral disease.

How often should teeth cleaning be done?

Our dentist at Basin Dentistry recommends everyone to visit the dental office for professional teeth cleanings and checkups every six months. However, for those with a high risk of acquiring oral problems like cavities and other diseases, going to the dentist more frequently is advised.

Is the procedure painful?

No. Professional teeth cleaning requires no drilling, excavation, or digging of the teeth and other oral structures. Instead, the procedure will only include the removal of tartar and plaque. Although a mild sensitivity might be felt, this can always be aided by gentle local anesthesia.

What are the other benefits of teeth cleaning?

Since plaques are eliminated during the treatment, minor stains are removed as well. Normally, professional teeth cleaning will be finished with a polishing so you can expect a smooth, aesthetically pleasing pearly whites after.


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