Cosmetic Dentistry: Then And Now in Andrews, TX

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The famous saying “dreams do come true” is true with cosmetic dentistry indeed. Nowadays, it is easier for people to get the smile that they want. Cosmetic dentistry makes it possible. But it is not only today that people give much attention to their teeth. Even before, people in the history also attempted to make their teeth look beautiful.

We at Basin Dentistry is concerned about our patients who struggle with their teeth and smiles. We want to help them by offering different Cosmetic Dentistry procedures with the use of our most advanced cosmetic dental technologies. After the process, the result is a new and improved smile. Different cosmetic dentistry procedures are made available at our clinics such as botox treatment, composite fillings, dental bridges, porcelain veneers, and teeth whitening.

Cosmetic Dentsitry

During the ancient times, Italians, Egyptians, and Romans already practiced cosmetic dentistry. People in Italy used ivory, bone, human and animal teeth to make dentures in an attempt to replace the teeth. The Egyptians make use of their extravagant golds to create dental crowns and dental bridges. Like the people in Italy, they also desire to replace their teeth but with the use of seashells being hammered into their gums. But of the three, the Romans had the oddest way of removing stains to their teeth. Who would have thought that urine can be used as a teeth whitener?

Moving on, during the medieval times, dentistry is a barber’s job. The teeth were being filed and coated to make them appear whiter. However, after some time, barbers ceased doing it because of the coat that destroyed enamel of the tooth. Ivory and bone were also used during this time by the Europeans and they even attempted to use the teeth of dead humans for teeth replacement, but these uncomfortable methods made the procedure unsuccessful. The improvement of cosmetic dentistry and prosthetics began in the year 1700 and 1800. There had been a change in the materials used for some cosmetic dentistry treatments when 1900 came. Plastics and acrylics were used to make dentures. Even today, dentists still use it. Now, cosmetic dentistry is becoming more and more progressive. There are lots of cosmetic treatments that people can choose from, depending on their needs. These includes:

Composite Fillings. A composite filling is used to restore rotten or decayed teeth. The dentist uses tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture which will serve as a filling to the tooth.

Porcelain Veneers. A thin, custom-made shell material that covers the surface of the tooth to change its size, color, shape, and appearance are called veneers. Sometimes it is made up of porcelain, giving it a beautifully smooth texture.

Teeth Whitening. It is considered as the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures of today. The dentist applies a special whitening gel or bleaching product to the teeth and soon erases teeth discoloration and stains, giving patients a whiter smile.

Cosmetic dentistry had come a long way. If you want to own a fresh, youthful, healthy smile, then Basin Dentistry is here for you. Check out our amazing services under Cosmetic Dentistry in Andrews, TX. Visit us at 1321 N Main St. Andrews TX 79714.