Different Types of Bite Issues That Traditional Braces Can Fix in Andrews, TX

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Traditional braces is a contemporary way of fixing the teeth and bite issues. Although modern technology placed newer options for orthodontic braces treatment, many orthodontists believe that traditional braces, concerning reliability, still cannot be rivaled by any modern types of braces. Today, the advancement in technology had made some good changes in the materials used for traditional or metal braces; smaller brackets are used making it appear less noticeable and more ideal.

We at Basin Dentistry provides Traditional Orthodontics treatment for patients who want to straighten their teeth and align their bites effectively. Having straighter teeth is not only beneficial regarding cosmetic purposes, but it also affects one’s dental health. Our traditional orthodontic procedures help patients improve their speech and enhance their smiles. To our patients who suffer from bad bites, we recommend traditional orthodontic braces treatment, as it is the best solution even for extreme teeth and bite problems!

Having a bad bite increases the tendency of experiencing jaw and teeth injuries and speech problems. However, traditional orthodontics treatment can aid these issues. Here are different types of bites that traditional braces can fix:

  • Overbite. Overbite happens when the upper and lower front teeth cannot make physical contact because the upper front teeth protrude due to the uneven amount of front teeth eruption or sometimes, it occurs when the bone that supports the teeth has been over-developed. Failure to correct overbite can cause poor teeth functioning, tooth worn out, and an unattractive smile.
  • Underbite. Vice versa to an overbite, the lower teeth protrude past the front teeth when one has an underbite. The occurrence of an underbite takes place due to the lack of growth to the upper jaw and too much growth of the lower jaw. Someone who suffers from an underbite experienced eating or chewing problems, prematurely worn out teeth, and jaw problems.
  • Overjet. An overjet is characterized by lower teeth that are farther behind the upper teeth because of the flaring of the upper incisors, misaligned molars, and missing lower teeth. Thumbsucking and tongue thrusting are the two factors that worsen an overjet. An overjet must be corrected to avoid the improper functioning of the teeth.
  • Crossbite. Someone who has crossbite noticed that when they close their mouth, some of the upper teeth are sitting inside the lower teeth, when in fact it should normally be seated outside the teeth. Crossbite needs an orthodontic treatment to prevent the teeth from chipping or wearing. If not treated, a there is a risk of receding gums, other gum problems, and even bone loss.

A bad bite can negatively impact not just the health of a person but also the self-esteem. With the help of orthodontic treatment, one will no longer suffer from bite irregularities that deteriorate both the person’s dental health and wellness.


If you are suffering from bad bites, schedule your appointment with us at Basin Dentistry for Traditional Orthodontics Treatment in Andrews, TX. Our dental office is located at 1321 N Main St.Andrews TX 79714.