Sedation Dentistry Isn’t Just for Nervous Patients

Sedation dentistry is one of the most valued advancements in modern dentistry. However, there are some misconceptions surrounding sedation dentistry too. Many people are under the assumption that sedation dentistry is only for nervous patients, or those with dental anxiety. While sedation dentistry is used as the go-to solution for dental phobia patients, it can be used for so much more. Beyond calming an anxious patient’s nerves, we use sedation dentistry for the following:

Help Busy Patients – If you need more than one dental treatment, such as several fillings, we can save you the hassle of multiple office visits by using sedation dentistry and performing multi-step dental work in one sitting. Therefore, sedation dentistry is an excellent solution for those that have a busy schedule or simply want to “knock it all out at once” in terms of their restorative and/or cosmetic dental work.

Treat Special Needs Patients – Whether it is a physical or mental disability, dental visits can be a challenge for special needs patients. Sedation dentistry can help them sit still as well as feel more at ease and comfortable during dental procedures. It can also lessen the risk for the dental appointment to be a stressful event, which can consequently associate dental care with a negative experience for a mentally-challenged individual.

Perform a Lengthy Appointment – There are certain procedures that take an hour or more to complete. Even if you aren’t fearful of the dental visit, you may find that it is difficult to stay reclined with your mouth open for such an extended amount of time. This can actually create unexpected panic or stress for many patients. To eliminate this, sedation dentistry can be used for longer or more invasive dental work, such as root canals, multi-teeth restorations and wisdom teeth removal.

Your Options in Sedation Dentistry

Not all dentists are qualified to offer the full scope of options in sedation dentistry. However, at Basin Dentistry, we are proud to give patients the opportunity to choose from oral conscious sedation (sedative pill before you arrive), Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas that is safe for kids and adults) as well as IV Sedation (a form of deeper relaxation that is still carefully monitored).

Regardless of the type of sedation you elect, you can expect to feel like your normal self again that same day. None of our sedation methods have long-lasting effects. However, unless you choose Nitrous Oxide, you’ll need to have someone drive you home.

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