The Benefits of Soft Tissue Lasers in Dentistry

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Laser technology has revolutionized countless medical fields. In recent years, it has also adopted in modern dentistry. Specifically, soft tissue lasers can be used instead of invasive surgical devices to carry out a number of common dental procedures, both routine and advanced.

Soft tissue lasers offer a more comfortable procedure, less recovery time and more predictable results. They can be used in soft tissue surgery, periodontal procedures to painlessly eliminate bacteria from beneath the gum line, or in implant recovery to modify or contour the gums around the implant. Soft tissue lasers can even be used in cosmetic procedures, such as altering the shape or amount of gums that show when you smile. Lastly, you may be able to treat a stubborn or painful canker sore using soft tissue lasers. Lasers can quickly and effectively treat aphthous ulcers without the use of corticosteroids or chemicals.

When you dentist can use laser technology instead of a scalpel, you’ll reap the following unrivaled benefits:

  • More Efficient/Faster Treatment
  • Very Precise soft-tissue removal, leaves more healthy tissue untouched
  • Virtually Painless procedure, Reduced Trauma
  • Less Recovery Time, no anesthesia, stitches or sutures
  • Less Follow Up Dental Visits
  • Completely Natural Results
  • Reduced risk of infection 

At Basin Dentistry, we are proud to have an office that is equipped with state-of-the-art dental technology. Beyond our soft tissue lasers, we also use the latest dental imaging available, including 3D cone beam technology. When it comes to treating your smile, we believe in creating the best possible experience and results for our patients.

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