Things to Expect During Scaling and Root Planing in Andrews, TX

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The gums are the pillars of the teeth. They support the pearly whites for them to do their functions effectively. However, there are times that these pink tissues are threatened due to specific problems like periodontal disease. When gum complications arise, the person will have no choice but to seek professional assistance to save their overall oral health.

The early form of gum disease, gingivitis, is reversible. Proper oral hygiene, healthy lifestyle, and dental treatments will make the said oral problem go away. Here at Basin Dentistry, the first thing that we recommend to our patients who are diagnosed with the primary stage of periodontal disease is scaling and root planing. It is a procedure that helps free the mouth from plaques and tartar—the causes of gingivitis.


What To Expect During Scaling And Root Planing?

The following are the things that patients should expect after deciding to receive scaling and root planing treatments:

  • Scaling and root planing, the other term for deep cleaning, is very similar to routine teeth cleaning. It is the dentist or the dental hygienist that is in-charge to perform the said procedures. The only difference between the two is that deep cleaning is a more ‘meticulous’ type of treatment than the other.
  • Deep cleaning is not painful. But for patients who have a low level of pain tolerance, the dentist can provide them with local anesthesia. This sedative offers a numbing effect on the area where it is injected to minimize or even eliminate discomfort.
  • Various instruments are utilized to make the cleaning process more accurate. Depending on the dental clinic, a regular scaler or the ultrasonic ones are used. This easy-to-grip device is designed to remove plaques from the tooth and the portions below the gum line. After clearing out the unwanted debris, it will be followed then with another procedure called planing. This process is necessary as it promotes the reattachment of the gums to the teeth.
  • To complete the whole scaling and root planing process, the dentist might apply an antibiotic cream on the gum surfaces. This particular ointment is an add-on to ensure that the infection is totally mended.
  • Dental professionals will give instructions regarding the post-treatment care that patients should follow during their recovery period. Soreness and swelling may takeover after deep cleaning, but these can be lessened through proper aftercare.


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